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Welcome to the Wikibase instance hosted by The QA Company!

You want to construct your own Knowledge Graph? Wikibase might be a good solution for you.

Wikidata is a very successful Knowledge Graph and Wikibase is the software behind it. Create your own "Wikidata" and reuse the technologies and workflows used by thousands of editors that contribute to Wikidata every day.

This solution is already in production in many institution. Most notably we maintain the Wikibase instance of the European Commission called The EU Knowledge Graph available at [1] .

We can help you set up and mantain your own Wikibase instance and you will get:

  • a query service like under;
  • exports of the data like the ones available at;
  • an installation of WikibaseSync that allows you to easily reuse properties and instances from Wikidata to edit your knowledge (a tutorial can be found here);
  • the Wikibase Quality Constraints extension that helps you to check that your knowledge is respecting your schema;
  • Instructions on how to connect to an OpenRefine instance can be found here.

This Wikibase is intended as a playground to test the different functionalities. It is an open wiki, feel free to test, explore and edit.